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In the current era, where time is ever shrinking and distance is ever increasing, the internet is a boon and must be used for global reach. Globalization thus enables businesses across the world to seamlessly integrate and provide services and goods to customers worldwide. Online schools offering degrees have devised entire courses that have objective rating criteria and are benefitting students and teachers alike. With these factors in mind, esishya was designed and developed to use an e-learning methodology that is well suited for various disciplines - music, science, arts, cooking, to name a few. This is an innovative, interactive, and online initiative that will strive to reach to teachers and schools globally. We offer a combination of different class modes (virtual, group, private, presentation), keeping in mind the needs of the sishyas and the appropriate teaching requirements.
     Esishya has some of the finest gurus in diverse fields. We are constantly adding new teachers to help serve you better.

Thank you for taking the time to visit us. We are constantly striving for perfection & can do so only with your valuable feedback & suggestions!